And the land shall become silent
red eye of the sky. Slowly dimming over smoking borders. And a nation will stand, heart-torn but breathing. To accept the one and only miracle, no other.
My name's Daniel and I'm the personification of the country of Israel.

sexuality:.... none of your business

I hope I'll manage to get some time here.

((HELLO! as you probably realised by know this is a RP account for an OC of Israel for the series Hetalia:axis powers. Modern Israel, not ancient Israel. None of the art here is mine unless said otherwise. Oh, also, Israel might seem a little cold at the beginning, but he's a lot warmer if you get to know him and he actually have a really big heart, he's a real tzabar.
yes. I do speak Hebrew אני ישראלית וזהי שפת האם שלי
I also learn Arabic but it's not that good... so yeah...))

מדינת ישראל

((My drawing of Netherlands, which sucks. yep.))

((My drawing of Netherlands, which sucks. yep.))